{ "name": "Sebastian Krajewski", "e-mail": "mail@${this.domain}", "Socials": { "GitHub": "https://github.com/Wieku", "YouTube": "https://youtube.com/c/Wieku", "Twitter": "https://twitter.com/_wieku", "Discord": "Wieku#0100" }, "Projects": [ { "Name": "danser", "URL": "https://github.com/Wieku/danser-go", "Description": "CLI tool written in Go aiming to be an alternative client of a rhythm game named "osu!" (https://osu.ppy.sh). It allows you to play or visualize levels (called "maps") from it", }, { "Name": "LogicDraw", "URL": "https://github.com/Wieku/LogicDraw", "Description": "Simulator of logic circuits that aims to be as simple and as fast as possible. Instead of using standard schematic editor (like in MultiSim or every other SPICE visualizer) it utilizes a canvas in which every module (like an AND or NOR gate) is a single pixel thus allowing compact and complex designs. Propagation time of each module is standardized so beginners can learn basics of digital logic circuitry without thinking about race conditions caused by discrepancy of propagation times", } ], "Donate": { "ko-fi": "https://ko-fi.com/wiekus", "Ethereum": "0xB9B75D2C6F5C3F139AaF54F3ff3faA0457D72994", "Dogecoin": "DB6tgofc2dukm78qqKbuLppQeebtWER38U" } }